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MMM Project 2020

Utrecht, NL

Virtual Exhibition - UOC Facultatea de Arte

Constanta, RO

A4 comics event 2019 

Tel Aviv, IL

InTransition Exhibition 2019 - Kookoo's Nest
Jaffa, IL

Maze 9 Tel Aviv Gallery - Home 2018

Tel Aviv, IL

Maze 9 Tel Aviv Gallery - futurolog & future 2018

Tel Aviv, IL

Aya Rapaport Maaravi (Patootskee)

I am a 23 years old artist, born in Tel Aviv and currently based in Paris. You may know me by my other name, Patootskee, but that is my alter ego.

I have experience with Concept Art and Visual Development, Illustration, Animation, Photo manipulations, design for web and print, and a bit of graphic design. Currently, I study Animation at Gobelins l'ecole de l'image. I am passionate about creating new worlds, new stories, and ideas.  

One day I aspire to combine my set of skills and create my own animated film, leaning towards the documentary world.

Hey, Let's talk :)


Habilti Hashuvim - TV series

Character Design

Erik short film poster design


EP Cover Nedudim by Boaz Krauzer 


EP Cover Shemesh by Yael Dushy 


Ricki Lake by NETTA - Music Video


Light Festival - Damascus Gate 2017


© 2021 Aya Rapaport Maaravi 

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